Monday, September 6, 2010

Antamedia HotSpot v1.6.4 + Crack

Windows-based software for WiFi Hotspot billing. Control time and bandwidth usage
of wired and wireless laptops without any client software installations. Customers are
redirected to login page before they get access to Internet. HotSpot Software enables
control and billing using captive portal technology and it's suitable for ISPs, Hotspots,
Airports, Hotels, Internet and Cyber cafes.

Antamedia HotSpot Billing Software is Windows PC gateway software which enables control
and charging for Internet access using captive portal technology. This software is suitable
for all purposes where customers should get fast login to system without Client software
installations. Upon connecting to network (using wireless cards or UTP cable), customer will
be prompted to type username and password to get access to Internet. Customer will see their
time and bandwidth usage and will be able to refill their time when needed.


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